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Aunt Hilda's Sweet Mustard

Aunt Hilda's Sweet Mustard is a recipe passed down through generations of Pork Shoppe owners. Sweet, tangy, and very similar to "funeral mustard" as many would call it. Sold in 2 sizes.

Ayrshire Bacon

Sliced and ready to eat. Smoked loin wrapped in bacon. Makes a great BLT.


Smoked to perfection. Our smoked side bacon is meaty and less salty than your grocery store bacon. Delicious for breakfast, or any meal really!

Bacon Wraps

A great app or snack! Pork sausage wrapped in bacon. Great baked in the oven or air fryer!

Black Forest Ham

Boneless. Delicious hot or cold! Try with some of Aunt Hilda's Sweet Mustard for a great sweet and salty combination.

Breakfast Sausage

Start your day right.

Garlic Sausage

Our whole-hog sausage is where it all began. Made with no fillers or preservatives and fresh garlic, our sausage is lean and delicious. Gluten free.

Heirloom Scones

A secret family recipe. Made with blackcurrants and our own lard.

Local Buffalo Products

Burgers, ground, sausage, pepperettes, and cheese are all commonly stocked! From Kampkreek Dairies near Sebringville, ON.

Local Cheese

Seasonal Selections. Black river cheddar's or Mountain Oak Gouda's are normally stocked.

London Broil

Sausage wrapped in flank steak. Great pan-fried, baked or broiled!

Other Pork Sausages

Oktoberfest, Mild and Hot Italian, and Honey Garlic

Peameal Bacon

Lean and mean! Our peameal bacon is cured to perfection. Sold sliced in 1lb packages.


Mild, Hot, Fiesta, Honey Garlic, All-Beef Mild. Smoky and delicious!

Perth County Lamb

Local and fresh. Chops, rib roasts, shoulder and leg roasts and ground all available.

Plain Sausage

Our whole-hog sausage is where it all began. Made with no fillers or preservatives, our sausage is lean and delicious. Gluten free.

Porchetta Roasts

Crispy and fatty. Seasoned with fennel seed, salt, pepper, spices and garlic. Delicious as a winter roast or on fresh Italian bread.

Pork Back Ribs

Full rack or half racks available. Slow cook or throw on your Yoder Smoker with a sweet BBQ sauce from our pantry.

Pork Loin Chops

Always centre cut and bone-in.

Pork Schnitzel

Cut from the loin. 4 oz loin pieces, already tenderized and ready to be breaded with your choice of coating. Pre-breaded also now in stock.

Pork Spare Ribs

Fantastic on the smoker or in the oven!

Pork Tenderloin

Lean and oh-so-tender! Cook to 145F for best results.

Pulled Pork

A crowd pleaser! Just heat and serve, our pulled pork comes already sauced. Serves 4-8 depending on appetite!

Smoked Garlic Sausage

Our whole-hog sausage is where it all began. Made with no fillers or preservatives; fresh garlic, then cold-smoked, our smoked garlic sausage is lean and delicious.

Smoked Ham Hock

Makes the best pea or bean soup! Also great in the slow cooker with sauerkraut or baked beans.

Smoked Pork Chops

Bone-in or boneless. Already fully cooked, just re-heat with the method of your choice.

Summer Sausage

Pork and Beef or Buffalo. Spiced and smoked to perfection!

Teriyaki Pork Steaks

Pre-Marinated. Just thaw and grill for a delicious marinated teriyaki pork steak!

Whole Chickens

Frozen. Local Omega-3, naturally fed chickens. 5-8lbs each.

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