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Retail and BBQ Products

The Best Little Pork Shoppe is your local stop for all things cooking! We are a retailer of Yoder Smokers pellet grills, offset smokers and charcoal BBQ's. We are also an authorized dealer of Chilly Moose coolers, Georgian Bay Grills and Lodge Cast Iron products. We stock local Furtado Farms pellets and Crown Royal pellets and smoking products, as well as Canadian-made rubs and sauces.

Yoder Smokers

We stock the most popular Yoder Smokers and can order in custom orders as well! Please find Yoder pricing below and fill out the form on the bottom of the page to order.

Don't forget, we PRICE MATCH all Yoder products.

YS480S Standard $3795

YS480S Competition $4795

YS640S Standard $4295

YS640S Competition $5495

YS1500S $7995

Yoder Wichita Offset $4960

24" x 36" Charcoal Grill $3858

24" x 48" Charcoal Grill $4409


Pellets and Accesories

We stock local Furtado Farms pellets in a number of varieties for all your pellet smoking needs. We also stock BBQ utensils and The Meat Swadl. Buy a bag of pellets and you will receive a stamp card for our loyalty program: buy 10 bags of pellets, get 1 bag free!

Lodge Cast Iron

We now stock a great selection of Lodge Cast Iron products from their standard Chef Series skillets to dutch ovens, enameled cast iron, carbon steel skillets and care products! Be sure to check out our selection.


Chilly Moose

We are proud to be a retailer of Chilly Moose coolers and drink-ware! This Canadian brand is distributed out of Barrie and features excellent quality coolers of all shapes and sizes for anyone's needs. They also make unique thermos' and drink-ware for keeping any beverage cold or hot.

Sauces, Rubs and Spices

Check out our rotating stock of BBQ sauces, rubs and spices. We try our best to stock as many local products as we can, and at the very least, Canadian Made products are a priority!

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